After Action Report: MDFI Foundation Carbine

Who: David P.
Course: Foundation Carbine
When: July 12, 2013
Where: Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute
Instructors: Keith Denman (Mike Wagner as RSO)
Location: Post 46, Pinckney, MI
Date(s): 06 Sept. 2014

Gear: AR, three mags (run in my pockets), Blue Force Sling, 400 rounds Wolf WPA .223, M&P9 w/Raven Concealment holster.

Topics Covered:

  • Safety
  • Weapons handling/manipulation skills
  • Malfunction clearance
  • Shot placement
  • Pistol transition

Class size: 18 Students

Overview: Started off by confirming zero. Most students had their rifles dialed in while a handful required assistance getting their carbines zeroed. Future students should arrive with their rifle zeroed and only use this time as a confirmation and small adjustments.

First drill was simple, we were timed and shot the same drill as the outro to the class, timed, so we could see our improvement.

All students showed improvement in accuracy and only one was slower and was only due to trying to go too fast.

Safety was stressed above all. Keith made it clear that safety violations would not be tolerated and kept everyone in the class feeling safe throughout the course.

Sight offset was one of the first things covered. Most shooting was done sub 25 yards with a 50 yard zero. Almost everyone was hitting low at the beginning of the class and everyone’s hits had walked up by the end of the class.

Malfunction clearing, what an evil exercise. Keith dummed down AR malfunctions to their simplest forms, “mushy trigger” or “click” and how to remedy each in the simplest way. There was a particularly evil malfunction that I only wish on my worst enemy… the “bolt override” malfunction. That particular little fecal storm I never want to encounter again. BUT, if I do I now have a fairly simple way to clear thanks to this class.

Loading and reloading. We covered each type of reloading exercise from admin to emergency and different ways to retain partially spent mags and when it’s appropriate to do so.

One of the last drills was transitioning to a side arm and how to maintain control of slung carbine while using the pistol.

All in all it was a very informative class. Keith is a great instructor. I was a little nervous going in, I’d only shot my AR at a static range with slow firing. I was the only one in class not running some type of mag carrying system. Class was divided almost 50/50 between chest rigs and belt rigs. I ran my mags out of my pockets and did just fine.

I left the class not only more confident but competent as well. I look forward to taking the class again with my AK.

Take Aways:

  • I need to get some rail covers, the gas bock gets hot and your fingers CAN touch it through Key Mod holes!
  • A grip stop and forward index point would help.
  • I need to move my sling attachment from the left side of my stock to the right. The QD was on my face/neck all day.
  • I NEVER want to come across a bolt override malfunction but if I do I’ll know how to fix it.

Thank you Keith (and Mike), MDFI & Post 46 for putting on such a great class with safe and professional instruction.