After Action Report: MDFI Handgun 1 & 2

Who: David P.
What: MDFI Handgun 1 & 2
When: July 12, 2013
Where: Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute
Location: Midland, MI
Why: To be more proficient and confident with my carry pistols.

My training background: None, really. CPL and Dynamic Handgun DVDs.

What I expected: I expected to come away with knowledge of failure drills, getting gun back in the fight and weapons manipulation.

What I learned: Check my surroundings after an engagement; Keith got me a couple times. You may have to climb on an object to shoot down at a target in a crowded area to minimize risk of bullet over travel or missed shots. Shooting from the ground. Failure drills, retaining the mag if it’s your only one.

What my next steps are: More training. I’d like to do a low light class. Also, more non-firearms related training (less-lethal, first aid and physical).

Any other comments/critiques: I liked the fact that we worked on a “Hot Range”, I actually feel safer than having everyone unloading and handling firearms just to leave the line.

Both pistols ran flawlessly. The first 250 rounds through my full size were dirty cast lead reloads. Fouling all over the extractor and chamber and the gun just kept running.


  • S&W M&P9 & M&P9c
  • 3 spare magazines
  • Raven Concealement Phantom Holster & Vanguard 2
  • Blade Tech Magazine carriers

Gear changes after class: I will now start carrying at least a spare mag with me. I borrowed mag carriers for the class and am now ordering some of my own.”