Practically Tactical is a podcast and live show. Every week there is a special guest or two from the firearms industry and spend about an hour or so talking with us about guns, gear, shooting, tactics, self defense, whatever it might be!!

Let’s get to know your hosts of Practically Tactical a little better:

Nick Humphries

Born and raised in Idaho, now located in Wisconsin, Nick had a life changing event that thrusted him in search for knowledge related to firearms and self defense. That search started Practically Tactical. Nick works full time in the firearms industry and attempts to raise a gaggle of children.

Jeff Bloovman

Winner of Discovery Channel’s One Man Army, has been doing traditional martial arts for 25 years, and been a student of the gun since 2004. His company, Armed Dynamics, specializes in firearms and medical training for worst case scenarios. He has a quick wit, and better hair, and wants everyone to know that Crom is shining brightly upon them.

Jesse Gullikson

Born and raised in the midwest, Jesse joined the Army as Infantry out of high school. Deployed with the 172nd Stryker Brigade to Iraq in 2005-2006. After leaving the army and being an iron worker, Jesse now work in the firearms industry.