On Target: Cloud Defensive LCS (Light Control System) Review

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Link To Cloud Defensive LCS For Streamlight Protac Rail Lights:


Review Cloud Defensive LCS (Light Control System)

(pictures below)

The LCS offer a much needed pressure pad mount for your Streamlight Protac series (also available for Surefire) of weapon mounted lights. While the included mounting parts that come with the Protac lights do offer a working solution, the LCS offers a far superior mounting solution for the cost of $70. Please refer to the podcast above for much more information in our detailed review. You can hit play above or open up your favorite podcast app and search Practically Tactical to listen.

Machined out of 6061 Aluminum it offers a high quality, rock solid mounting solution at only the cost of 1.9 ounces. In total, there are 5 parts (two are screws), so you aren't loosing valuable pica-tinny space to mount your pressure pad. I have ran the LCS on my rifle in the range, in shoot house classes, and in carbine classes. The finish is very durable and the quality of craftsmanship on this product is top of the line. I have this mounted directly above my gas block, and the heat from high round counts of suppressed and unsuppressed shooting hasn't affected the finish nor the product (no warping or cracking)

As you can see below in the pictures, I have had this mounted on my 11.5" SBR. Below the picture gallery, you can my instagram post where the factory included mounting options from Streamlight worked, but it didn't allow me to mount the pressure pad where I it worked best with the ergonomics of my SBR. Upon adding the LCS and switching to my ADM QD mount, I now have optimal placement of my pressure pad and light because of the LCS.

The best feature of the LCS beyond giving you a solid mounting option is the integrated cable management and protection for your pressure pad and cable. The weakest points of mounting a weapon light is the cable and pressure pad. These are the biggest cause of light failures. The mount not only adds protection for the pad, but it also offers an integrated cable management system that helps tuck the cable into the rail to keep your cable from snagging, but with it's early out feature, it allows the user the option of when the cable exits the LCS. The closer your LCS is to your light, the more likely you will be to utilize the LCS early out feature. Be sure to give yourself extra slack in your cable to allow you for light maintenance and battery changing.

While this product is by no means required for a defensive rifle, the LCS offers a better mounting solution for your pressure pad, offers protection to your weapon light investment, helps you build your rifle to have the best ergonomic setup for the you, and, in my opinion, actually makes the pressure pad "feel" better when using the pressure pad.

Be sure to enjoy the podcast and also don't forget to check out their new Optimized Weapon Light (OWL) they are releasing, which was probably the best new product release at Shot Show 2018. Check it out here for pre-order information: https://clouddefensive.com/collections/optimized-weapon-light/products/optimized-weapon-light-owl