US Optics SR-4C Review - Best Of Both Worlds

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The US Optics SR-4C offers reliability, high glass quality, and unique features of a 1-4 variable power optics on a First Focal Plane and a red dot on the 2nd focal plane. I love this futuristic approach to an optic. Be sure to listen to the podcast for the full review.

This optic has been use in the following classes and seen somewhere in the range of 6,000 rounds between classes and normal usage:

Sentinel Concepts Essential Carbine Employment

APD Carbine Refresher

Sentinel Concepts Practical Urban Carbine

88 Tactical SERE Class (UTM Class) and 88 Tactical Rifle Day (Live Ammo)

Here are the quick hits:



Phenomenal Glass

1-4 Variable Power Optics

4 MOA Red Dot on 2nd Focal Plane

Forgiving Eye Box

MIL/MIL Turrets and Reticle


LONG Adjustment from 1 to 4 power




If this optic is in your price range and offers what you want in an optic. Do it. This optic paid off in spades for me during the 88 Tactical SERE class low light UTM portion. With the push of a button I turned my high quality 1-4 optics in a red dot which performed flawlessly in the low light scenario where I couldn't seem my reticle but had a perfect circle of red dot goodness. The ability to have a red dot at the push of a button is a phenomenal feature to have. I love this optic so much, I had to keep it and will be using it as my primary optics on my Modern Outfitters MC6 rifle.