On Target: Rugged Suppressors Surge 7.62 Review

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Link To Surge 7.62:


Link To Surge 7.62 at SilencerShop for $945: 



Disclaimer: I am provided silencers by Silencer Shop to review them. I can say whatever I want, positive or negative, good or bad, recommend or not recommend. Previously to doing Practically Tactical full time, I worked in the firearms industry and lastly at Griffin Armament as Director of Sales.

Please check out the podcast review above or listen on your favorite podcast app as we dive into the review on the Rugged Surge 7.62. Check out the video above for hearing the silencer on my .308 bolt gun and my .300 Blackout SBR in both configurations along with seeing how to change figuration, change endcaps, and how to mount the silencer. Check the below video for hearing the full size configuration on my 11.5" 5.56mm SBR.