On Target: US Optics SVS 1-6x LVPO Review

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Link To US Optics SVS: https://www.usoptics.com/svs-1-6x/

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Link to ZRO Delta Mount: Link To Mount: https://zrodelta.com/product/dloc-m4-scope-mount/

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Few last minute upgrades (MULTIPLE PICS) to the SBR before this weekend's shoot house class at @alliancepolicetraining. Swapped out the MRO to the new @usoptics_official SVS 1-6X LVPO optic that has red dot in the optic as well. I will have a write up or podcast about WHY I am putting a LVPO on my SBR at a later date. However, the goal this weekend beyond reviewing the SVS, is to help me during low light. Last shoot house class, I had big issues P.I.D. targets as I just couldn't see. LVPOs offer more light transmission than red dot, so the SVS with the 34mm tube should assist me in being able to P.I.D. targets hopefully. While 34mm tube size offers the ability to have more light, it still comes down to glass quality, which I have no doubt US Optics put high quality glass in this like all their others. The other great thing about this optic that attracted me to it, is the cost. MSRP is $1299, which is like 40% less MSRP than the SR-4C that I have. Im looking forward to running it this coming weekend in the class and then running it next weekend at our Longgun Cover and Movement Class with @michigantrainer . (Link To Optic at @optics_planet: http://bit.ly/2zPYpb9) (Direct US Optics Link: https://www.usoptics.com/svs-1-6x/) Another upgrade is the trigger. I previously had the ALG that I wasn't fond up, so I got the @geissele Super Dynamic 3-Gun Trigger from Optics Planet. I love flat faced this trigger offers along with almost a hybrid (their term) feel between a single stage, and my preferred 2 Stage Geissele triggers. (Link to Trigger: http://bit.ly/2KEgw5f) (Direct Geiselle Link:https://geissele.com/super-dynamic-3-gun-trigger.html) Also testing out the @zrodelta mount as I haven't had any experience with them, so far I really dig the design. We will be posting up reviews on all these products after we run them through classes as we always do for reviews. Any questions, as always, drop them below! #practicallytactical #ar15 #usoptics #lvpo #igguns #guns #rifle

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