On Target 026 – Review: OC Custom Triggers

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On this episode I am reviewing the OC Custom Triggers for Glocks. This review I go into the trigger and why I think, overall, it is the best value trigger on the market today for Glocks! Thanks for joining us today!

OC Custom Triggers Website: http://www.occustomtriggers.com


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My Carry Gun Setup:

Glock 17C

OC Custom Trigger, Gold Trigger Safety with the following internal Parts:

Gen 3 Smooth Trigger



ZEV Technologies Race Connector (Bought from OCCT)

ZEV Spring Kit (except Firing Pin Spring)

TiN Coating Done By Forest City Tactical <- Use Code PRACTAC10 for 10% off!

My OC Custom Trigger Install Video:

RECOIL MAGAZINE Review: http://www.recoilweb.com/review-glock-triggers-from-oc-custom-60521.html

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