CZ P-07 Urban Grey Suppressor Ready Gun with Custom Work by Cajun Gun Works

Nick goes over his CZ Urban Grey Suppressor ready P-07 that has Cajun Gun works internals, ATEi Slide work, NAF Solutions frame stippling, and top it all off shooting it suppressed with a Griffin Armament Rev45 Silencer. Check out the video and gear shown in the video is linked below.

List of Gear

Internal Cajun Gun Works Package: Pro-Grade Package In Shop

Stippling: NAF Solutions | Code "practac" Saves 10%

Light: Surefire X300U-A | Code "PracTac" Saves 15%


Five-0 Holster w/ Safariland SLS | Code "ptac15" Saves 15%

Zulu IWB Light Holster | Code "ptac15" Saves 15%

Slide Work: ATEiGuns.Com | Code "PracTac10" Saves 10% off services

Silencer: Griffin Armament Rev45


Video On The Rev45:

Video On The CZ P-09 by Cajun Gun Works: