Modern Carbine MC6 Initial Impressions

So let’s say you came to me and said “Jesse, I want the most badass rifle money can buy! All I ask is that it be 100% American made, undoubtedly reliable, and remarkably accurate. I need it to have a rock solid platform, with a rail that doesn’t quickly overheat, but at the same time, it has to all remain ultra lightweight. It, of course, has to be M-LOK compatible and ideally suppressor optimized. On top of all that, it should come with a full lifetime warranty on everything, including the barrel. Last and most importantly, it has to look the absolute tits.

Let me introduce you to the Modern Outfitters ( MC6 Modern Carbine. Designed with the serious shooter in mind, everything excluding the the furniture (stock and grip) is manufactured in house. This ensures quality control is maintained at the absolute highest standards, and allows for optimal unification of all components. With no portion overlooked, let’s take a detailed glimpse at what goes into manufacturing this premium rifle.

From the moment I received the MC6 it began surpassing all my expectations. Packaged in a quality nylon soft case, it’s definitely a welcomed addition over the traditional cardboard box. Upon opening the smaller of the two main compartments, I found the typical owner's manual as well as an included 30 round PMag. Moving to the larger main compartment I found my new Modern Carbine properly secured with the internal straps (again details matter). The first thing about the rifle that catches your eye is the incredible cerakote job. I opted for the distressed MRD (Multi-Regional Dispersal), but they have multitude of colors and patterns to choose from. While it really adds no functional value to the rifle, I feel it’s definitely a nice touch that gives the rifle personality and a custom feel.

Starting at the business end, I opted for a Griffin Armament Taper Mount Hammer Compensator pinned and welded to the spiral fluted 14.7" .223 Wylde barrel. The Hammer Comp makes for an easy suppressor mounting system for compatible Griffin Armament cans. It also does a great job of controlling muzzle rise, while not emitting a large flash signature or overly aggressive muzzle concussion. Built with harmonics in mind the barrel utilizes a medium profile, that is machined from 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium (CMV) steel. It is coated with a Melonite corrosion resistant finish, as well as a NiB coated M4 feed ramp. The Button rifled 14.7" QPQ coated barrel is pinned to 16.1" OAL with a 1/8” RH twist. Coming with the industry standard 1/2x28 TPI threading, the rifle operates on a reliable Mid-length gas system. The barrel has a minimized gas port diameter to reduce blowback and improve service life of the rifle. Lastly, each barrel is air gauged and complimented with a low profile melonite coated gas block.

The spiral fluting on the barrel helps to dissipate heat and reduces weight.

The spiral fluting on the barrel helps to dissipate heat and reduces weight.

Covering that barrel is a 13in M-LOK compatible rail system manufactured from an Aircraft Grade aluminum extrusion. The MC6’s rail design allows for a continuous picatinny interface on the 12 o’clock portion of the rifle. It features four limited rotation QD Mounts (front and rear) and is attached via a proprietary barrel nut design. The MC6 features a barrel nut lock up system that is free from contact with the rail. This allows for a true free floated barrel assembly which is not dependent on a timed barrel nut that contacts the rail.

Why does this matter? First, it makes for less heat transfer. With no barrel nut transferring heat directly to the rail system, the rail stays noticeably cooler during sustained fire. The second biggest benefit to this system is that bipods and other accessories no longer impact accuracy. Since the rail does not come into direct contact with the barrel nut or barrel extension, no matter how much force you exert on the rail there is zero POI (point of impact) shift. Lastly, as the barrel nut is not the anchor point for the rail system these two components can be made lighter. All this makes for an inherently more accurate system, when compared to more traditional rifles.

Keeping with the ultra lightweight theme the upper and lower on the MC6 are manufactured from a single piece of billet aluminum. The meticulous attention to detail is obvious as weight has been reduced at all the non-critical points, without sacrificing any of its strength or reliability. The lower receiver features a true wire EDM cut mag well that allows for precise tolerances and has a slight flare that makes feeding magazines a breeze. I have currently only used Magpul Pmags and a D60 with the rifle, but they have fed great even with 28 rounds loaded on a closed bolt. The MC6 also comes standard with all the nice to have accessories including a billet magazine release, an enhanced bolt catch, a Magpul MOE grip, and an ambidextrous safety. Another nice touch is the billet one-piece design dust cover. This design is 1/3 the weight of the traditional mil-spec dust cover and because every ounce matters the dust cover rides on a clampless carbon fiber dust cover rod.  

The heart and soul of any rifle is the Bolt Carrier Group, and the MC6 definitely did theirs right. Using a 8620 Carrier and a Carpenter 158 bolt it is magnetic particle inspected, as well as High pressure tested for integrity. The Bolt is properly heat treated, shot peened, and post heat treat ground with the headspace being held to half the blueprint specification. They come equipped with a 4340 Cam Pin & Extractor, are finish pass machined on all surfaces, and of full billet construction. They have the latest 15k round extractor spring design, and a Crane O-ring for increased extraction reliability in extreme conditions. They come with a Billet machined gas key that is installed with permatex and properly staked. The entire system is fully Melonite coated to help prevent corrosion and make carbon removal a breeze.

The enhanced bolt carrier group was designed to reduce carrier tilt during recoil, and has fewer points of contact. With less friction area and a slight increase in mass, it extends the dwell time to ensure reliable extraction. The rear travel for the bolt carrier is also enlarged so that it fits precisely into the buffer tube. This ensures it locks into battery consistently and tightly every time to enhance the rifles accuracy.

The SL-K stock compliments this rifle perfectly with it’s lightweight compact design

The SL-K stock compliments this rifle perfectly with it’s lightweight compact design

Speaking of the Buffer Tube. The MC6 uses a Maritime Receiver extension, as well as a proprietary buffer that was designed specifically to increase reliably when shooting both suppressed and unsuppressed. The proprietary enhanced H3 (4.5oz) buffer has been precision machined to reduce bolt speed, as well as reducing felt recoil. The increased buffer weight helps minimize suppresser blow back due to a slower rate of fire, and allows back pressure to dissipate when shooting suppressed. The Maritime buffer tube helps to port gas and shed debris through the rear of the rifle, instead of in your face. An integrated QD end plate is attached via a self locking castle nut, and it is all capped off with a Magpul SL-K stock.

Another way the MC6 helps diffuse gases is with the ambidextrous charging handle. Made from 7075 aluminum, the charging handle has an integrated bleed-off port in the rear that helps move excess gas away from the your face. It has slightly over-sized handles that easily clear optics and can be manipulated with gloves, however not so large to become a major snag point on shirts and kit.

Last but certainly not least is the Trigger. While the MC6 usually comes standard with the proprietary TIN coated 3.5 lbs adjustable single stage match grade DMR trigger, I opted for my MC6 to come with the Geissele SD3G. Having tried the proprietary trigger I can say it most certainly compliments the rifle, I just personally favor the SD3G's flat faced design. 

So now that you’ve heard all that goes into manufacturing this rifle, “What are my initial thoughts?” Well in a nutshell, I’m impressed. When you’re a training junkie like me, your rifle is a workhorse and that horse gets rode hard. Knowing even quality gear will eventually fail if worked hard enough for long enough, having that lifetime warranty definitely helps make me feel all warm and fuzzy. The rifle is super lightweight and while that is definitely appreciated by my body. It also lends to me being able to drive the gun much faster and easier than my previous rifle. The rail is rock solid and it’s thin ergonomics feel amazing. Usually thin is code for "gets hot quick", but I never once noticed the rail getting overly warm during sustained rates of fire. That said, for a little added traction and even more sex appeal I will probably still throw on a set of Rail Scales. Going from a 16in barrel with a carbine length gas system to the 14.7in barrel with a mid length gas system has also been a major improvement. Not only does it help attribute to less felt recoil and muzzle rise, it also seems so much more manageable in confined spaces. Having worked the rifle primarily suppressed, I can honestly say it disperses the gasses away from the shooter better than any other rifle I’ve shot to date. It has had no problems reliably feeding UTM ( Universal Training Munitions ) and like a true boss kept spitting them out even while suppressed. With just over a thousand actual rounds on her currently, we’re pretty much just starting to really get acquainted. I will say that so far I really dig what Modern Outfitters is putting down, and am drinking the proverbial Kool-aid. I am excited to work this gun hard over the 2017 training season, and will be sure to follow up with a full review. For now lets just say in this budding relationship, things are getting pretty serious. 

So what’s this set-up going to run you? Well as with most high quality items, it comes with a little bit of a price tag. Currently this configuration of the MC6 will run you right around the $3,000 mark, but models start at $2,500. As most veterans of the “martial path” know, when it comes to quality gear you “Buy Once and Cry Once.”  However with a lifetime warranty on top of the smorgasbord of premium features, I don’t see you sobbing over this decision long.

If the MC6 is still a little out of your current price range, I would then highly recommend taking a look at Modern Outfitters MC5 line of rifles. The little sister to the MC6, the MC5 maintains the synonymous theme of quality and reliability. The MC5 features many of the same welcomed upgrades as the MC6 while coming in at a very economical price point.

Whichever model you choose, we at Practically Tactical want to ensure you to get the best deal possible on your rifle purchase. Modern Outfitters has been kind enough to offer our subscribers a 10% discount with promo code PT10.

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