SHOT Show 2015 - Day One

Good morning all! I can proudly say I am not hung over and managed to get a full nights sleep. Mainly because I slept in till 10am today. I had a fun filled day of meeting up with friends in the industry and talking with some companies about coming on to the show or products to review.

Lets start off the with the big news of the day. Savoy Leather made me a custom Practically Tactical leather holster for my Glock 34. Absolutely amazing! This is one hell of a holster. Most of you know I am not too big of a leather holster guy, but this holster is amazing. I can’t say it enough. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is out of this world. If you haven’t seen his work, go check out

While I was being presented this amazing holster, I ran into the Mat Best/Article 15 Clothing crew. Had a chance to chat with them a bit. We should be chatting soon about coming on the show. I think that show, some feelings will be hurt in the tactical community! But they were super nice guys and just fun as hell to hang around.  

Lets start talking some guns! During the day I stopped at Coonan Firearms. If you aren’t familiar with Coonan, imagine a Browning Hi-Power had a baby with a1911. And said gun shooter .357 Magnums. Yeah, serious gun! I had a chance to talk to Dave over at Coonan and lets just say this, you might be seeing a Coonan on the channel soon!  Pictured below is their new release, a 4″ version of their firearms. Damn, I bet that guy is a beast to shoot and FUN AS HELL.

Next stop was my good friends over at Fail Zero. If you guys haven’t read my review on FailZero BCG, check it out here. I might be letting out some stuff I can’t say, but I do know of TWO upcoming products to be release. They are coming out with a .308 DPMS patterned bolt with their amazing coating. They didn’t have that on site, but I think that is going to be a big hit. Also (picture below) is their soon to be announced FailZero Stealth BCG. The bolt has their proprietary coating on it, then with another layer of Teflon on top of it. It is slick, literally. It has a damn sexy look to it. If James Bond designed BCGs, I think I would have made it look like this.  

I also swung by the Unquie ARs booth to check in with them. If you are unfamiliar with them, go checkout theirOn Target interview because they make some badass custom handguard. Also, if you are at shot show, check out the picture details as they are giving away a handguard a day here at shot show. I also picked up my last piece I needed to finish my review of their rail, so expect to see that soon!

I swung by my favorite silencer company as well, Griffin Armament. If you are unfamiliar with them, you can watch my On Target interview with them or watch them on episode 49 as we discussed everything silencers on the show. I am still in love with their QD Blast Shield and it was awesome to see one in person. I also had a chance to learn more about their 30 caliber cans, as my next purchase will be on of those. Here is a picture of all sorts of Griffin Goodies!  

So many @griffin_armament goodies. #allthegriffin #shotshow #igmilitia A photo posted by PracticallyTactical (@practicallytactical) on

One of the first booths I stopped at on day one was the Rudy Project. If you are in the market for some high speed, low drag, sexy as hell Italian shooting glasses with every feature you could every want, this glasses are for you. Amazing light. Also for any competitive clay shooters, go check out their line of glasses designed for that, really great design.

Another booth I stopped at which has created some buzz on the media side of the firearms industry with Project X, is Samson Manufacturing. I have used their handguards a bit on a friends rifle and I liked it. I am hoping to have them on the show soon to go over all the products that they offer.

Taste the rainbow of handguard from @samsonmfgpro. Very nice rails if you haven’t used them before. #shotshow #igmilitia #ar15

A photo posted by PracticallyTactical (@practicallytactical) on

Some other places I stopped that I don’t have any picture footage to go with are Mega Arms, Us Night Vision, and too many other ones to name. I did get together with other FRN folks at a get together and my backpack I left is now the Flat Stanley of Vegas (more info later when I find out). I also had a great time at the YouTube get together hosted by SDI, Talking Lead, and IV8888. Then finished the night at the Rhumbar with great guys MDFI, Dugan Ashley, and Peter Palma.

See you guys tomorrow!